Risky Business

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Risky Business is a new performance and film collaboration between artists Ted Rogers and Jess Frankland, formed at Open School East in 2021.

In response to the physical effects on our Spirit due to the pandemic, (+ zoom, sensory-overwhelm, spatial limitations, the news, social media and lack of connection to our embodied selves), we - Jess Frankland and Ted Rogers - are embarking on a series of dance expeditions in celebratory protest of these oppressive forces.

Utilising extremity, scale and duration we are able to smash through societally conditioned physical conservativism to express our rawest aggression, ecstasy, weirdness, apathy, hatred and joy in a safe and reflective environment.

We edit our footage together, creating soul blasting content designed to spread the virality of physically liberated movement - moving humanity from screen induced paralysis into fully embodied LIFE!

Insta: @riskyriskybiz

TikTok: @riskyriskybiz


To watch the online premiere of our debut feature film “Risky Business” at https://youtu.be/hfH-dUOE6B0 which will be live til April 30th, 2021.

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